Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Comfort Plus ASTS™ fit on all types of toilet bowls?

The Adult Sized Toilet Seat from Comfort Plus Products will fit on most standard sized toilets whether round or oblong and will install in 5 minutes or less with minimal tools. Most modern toilet seats use a North American standard 5 1/2 '' spacing between the seat mounting bolts. We ad here to that standard. Installation instructions are provided online as well as in a manual that is shipped with each seat purchased.


2. What is the weight limit of the ASTS™?

A common misconception is that the toilet seat bears the brunt of an individual's weight. It doesn't; the toilet bowl does.
That's the reason a 350 pound football player can sit on the same standard 3 inch wide toilet seat as a small child and not break it.
Our product is about added comfort and stability, not excess weight bearing. It will comfortably accommodate children and adults alike.


3. What material is the ASTS™ made out of?

Anti-Bacterial Poly-carbonate plastic resin.


4. Is the ASTS™ just a larger sized toilet seat for "Big" people or can anyone use it?

The idea behind the ASTS™ is that people in America are larger today than they were as little as 50 years ago and therefore should be sitting on a larger sized toilet seat along with other changes to promote a more comfortable life-style. Not only did we make the surface area of the ASTS™ approximately 3  inches wider, we also changed the underside of the standard seat and gave it a patented stabilization system as well. It's just a lot more comfortable. Since the standard inside diameter of the seat has remained the same, it will easily accommodate children, teenagers, and smaller adults too.


5. Is the ASTS™ easy to clean?

Yes. Simply follow your normal cleaning routine for your toilet and you will be fine.



6. What colors does the ASTS™ come in other than white?

Currently, any color other than white is considered a special order and would cost more per seat depending on the desired color. It would also entail a longer waiting period to receive the product because of the special order status.


7. Can I return the seat for a refund if I don't like your product?

Yes.  100 percent money back guarantee, as well as a 15 year free replacement guarantee with normal use.  "Less then a penny a day for your total comfort" (Just pay for the return shipping and handling).