by ComfortPlus Products

Inventor Aaron Lewis has patented a product that will change the lives of over 300 million Americans, and over 7 billion people worldwide.

He has designed two versions of a larger, enhanced toilet seat to accommodate today's changing, worldwide demographic. People are simply larger today than they were yesterday.

The name for the product is the ASTS™ by ComfortPlus Products , which describes what the product provides for the user.

The ASTS™ utilizes a structural profile that significantly increases body support by providing more surface area over conventional seats, as well as a patented stabilization system on the underside of the seat. The end result is a dramatic improvement in overall stability and comfort, providing relief where there was once distress.

ASTS - Commerical Seat without Wings

New Standard Commercial Seat

Suggested Retail $39.95

ASTS - Residential Seat without Wings

New Standard Residential Seat

Suggested Retail $29.95




The two different models are a residential toilet seat (above) and a commercial toilet seat (left). 

The residential version consists of an enlarged seat and lid which can be installed with a minimum of tools in a matter of minutes. The seat comfortably accommodates children as well as adults, while providing an increased level of comfort for all. The seat is mounted via universal mounts, allowing an easy retrofit with nearly every existing manufactured toilet, while working with both round and elongated toilets.

The commercial version is designed for public restroom facilities, which will have a dramatic effect in accommodating the plus sized and handicapped in public places.

Both versions of the Adult Size Toilet Seat™ seat are stylish, and do not detract from the original bowl design.

 Residential Seat with Lift Levers

New Residential Model With Lift Lever

Suggested Retail $34.95




 Commercial Seat with Lift levers

New Commercial Model With Lift Lever

Suggested Retail $44.95




Lift Lever

Our patented Lift Lever design gives users the ability to touch only a side lever,  allowing them to avoid handling and touching a toilet seat directly.